User Intent Detection

Automatically detect product issues, feature requests, compliments and more in your customer communication

Supported User Intents

Prodsight can detect a wide variety of user intents to help you track what you care most about

Product Issues

Reports of product issues, defects and bugs

Product Compliments

Praise for product features and functionality

Product Requests

Requests for additional features or improvements

Customer Churn

Account cancellations and refund requests

Service Issues

Issues related to the customer service

Service Compliments

Praise for the customer service and experience

Help Requests

Requests for help and how-to questions

Billing Issues

Issues related to billing and payments

How does it work?

Tailor to Your Context

Our User Intent detection has been trained on thousands of examples in various industries to detect User Intent with superior accuracy.

You can further tailor it to suit your particular data set with our intuitive and easy to use Training tool.


Smart Custom Topics

Create highly specific smart topics by combining User Intent with keywords and phrases related to areas you're interested in.

Easily track bugs, feature requests, how-to questions, customer service feedback and more.

Discover New Topics

Prodsight automatically scans your conversations and surfaces the most important topics that you should be tracking.

Stay on top of product issues, user confusion, churn reasons and more.


Analyze All Feedback

Bring all your feedback to one easily accessible place from all your favourite tools.

Analyze your support tickets, reviews, surveys and other customer feedback automatically.

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