How Prodsight helped Brand24 discover their most important customer issues

"Prodsight gives us unlimited power. It’s like having a person that knows everything about our customers that we can communicate with whenever we want. Without it, we’d struggle to fully understand our customers."
Michał Gaździk
Product Owner, Brand24

Brand24 is a media monitoring platform that allows users to automatically monitor their online reputation. The platform allows users to get instant access to brand mentions across social, news, blogs, videos, forums, reviews and more.


The product team at Brand24 wanted a simple way to identify their most important customer issues, in order to know what they should be working on next. They also wanted to spot these issues as soon as they arose, preferably through an automated system that would keep them up-to-date.

The team knew that their Intercom support tickets contained crucial Voice of the Customer data, which could be used to identify these issues. However, manually analysing and aggregating that data was a very lengthy process; “It used to take us several hours per week and even then we’d only be able to gain insights for a small percentage of our customers. We quickly realised that we’d never be able to get the insights we needed this way.” said Product Owner, Michał Gaździk


Brand24 connected Intercom to Prodsight through a native integration and within 24 hours they were able to analyse all of their support tickets in one place. 

The platform automatically brought high-volume topics to the attention of the team, who were able to prioritise issues and add them to the product roadmap; “We launched a new integration for Facebook and spotted that it was causing a lot of enquiries. We used Prodsight’s sub topic feature to see which issues were driving the majority of the Facebook enquiries, such as ‘setup process’ and ‘data collection’. This allowed us to confidently prioritise tasks for the roadmap and ultimately reduce the number of incoming enquires.” said Michał.

The team also signed up for weekly email alerts, which ensured they’d never miss out on trending topics and suggestions. 


Brand24 is now able to identify their most important customer issues, by making sense of their customer support data with Prodsight. 

  • 100% coverage – Brand24 is able to analyse all of their support tickets, without having to tag a single ticket. This is crucial as the team can make decisions with confidence, knowing that they are getting the complete picture. 

  • Roadmap prioritisation – Prodsight has quickly become the number one source for discovering the Voice of the Customer and is now an integral part of the product team’s prioritisation process; “We rely on a few sources to prioritise what to build next, Prodsight ensures that the Voice of the Customer is a crucial part of this process.” Michał continued. 

  • Ongoing alerts for customer issues – The team can finally rest assured that there are no more blind spots when it comes to detecting customer issues, as they are kept up-to-date with Prodsight’s weekly email alerts.