How Eventree Uses Intercom Conversations to Improve Their Product

At Prodsight we are obsessed with building solutions that help companies make better product decisions. I chatted to Eventree’s Technical Director Phil Hayes to learn about how they are using Prodsight to continuously improve their product based on insights from Intercom conversations. This is their story.

Eventree is the simplest way to manage people working and performing at events. Event organisers use Eventree to issue tickets to artists, crew and traders in advance who can then swap them for wristbands at the event. With Eventree event organisers know exactly who is on site and their role.

BoomTown, Birmingham Pride and Nozstock are amongst the festivals powered by Eventree

Staying on top of user needs is tricky

Eventree was looking for a quick way of identifying problem areas in their product to help prioritise improvements. Being a customer-centric company, they turned to their primary source of customer feedback — Intercom.

Hundreds of customer conversations were coming in each month with various requests, but there was no easy way to distil those into actionable insights so the team relied on anecdotes from the customer support team to inform product decisions. They wanted more precision so they decided to try Prodsight.

“We relied on anecdotal evidence from the support team.”

– Phil Hayes, Technical Director, Eventree

Getting Intercom tags in order

When Eventree connected their Intercom account with Prodsight, they realised that they hadn’t been using Intercom tags effectively. There were lots of duplicated, superfluous and generic tags which the tool helped identify and remove.

Once the tags got tidied up, the biggest friction points in the Eventree product became obvious so the team could immediately shift focus to fixing them.

“Issues which caused the most friction for users immediately bubbled to the top in the Prodsight reporting.”

– Phil Hayes, Technical Director, Eventree
Some of the Eventree team

Making learning part of development sprints

Eventree product team uses Prodsight to identify the top 3 user issues every month and then works to resolve them via product improvements. Once changes make their way through the development process and are shipped to users, the team then verifies if the changes made a difference by monitoring conversation tag trends on Prodsight.

For example, in April, they noticed 150 conversations tagged with ‘how to register’. After quickly reviewing each conversation through Prodsight they identified a serious usability issue. When the deadline for applying to work at an event has passed and the application form is closed on Eventree, the system used to redirect applicants to the login page which confused users and lead them to believe that they needed to create an account not realising the deadline had passed.

Eventree developers quickly fixed this so that users who view a closed application form are shown a helpful message informing them of application closure.

In May, Eventree team verified the issue as fixed as they witnessed a sharp reduction in the number of requests (from 150 to 3) related to the issue on Prodsight.

“That’s a huge reduction in time spent supporting users and represents reduced frustration among these users who no longer need to contact us in the first place.”

– Phil Hayes, Technical Director, Eventree

Reduced support overhead and happier users

After only two months of using Prodsight, Eventree made a huge reduction in time spent supporting users and increased customer satisfaction by identifying and fixing a major usability issue in their product.

Because Prodsight automatically synchronises Intercom conversation tags, generates and displays insights, the time-to-insights got cut down dramatically.

Eventree team continues learning from their Intercom conversations and are evaluating Prodsight’s tagging automation features as a way to cut-down time-to-insights even further.

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