Intercom insights with zero tagging

Prodsight automatically tags your Intercom conversations so you can identify the most important issues and improve your product

Retrospective Tagging

Create topics whenever you like and Prodsight will include all the messages, even if they were submitted before you created the topic.

Change or update your topics whenever you want, all the relevant messages will be added automatically.

Custom Topics

Create your own custom topics to track specific elements or features of your platform.

Use sub-topics to drill-down into topics to identify underlying issues.

AI Topic Discovery

Prodsight automatically scans your conversations and surfaces the most important topics that you should be tracking.

Our AI suggests topics such as pricing complaints, technical issues and cancellations

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis allows you to understand how your users feel about certain tags or product features, rather than solely relying on conversation volumes to prioritise issues.

See the sentiment for every single support message you’ve received.

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Find customer issues

Prodsight automatically discovers topics mentioned by your customers

Prioritise effectively

Quantify customer issues and prioritize your efforts based on data

Measure your impact

See what impact your changes have on conversation volume and sentiment

You are in good company

Trusted by leading brands around the world
"With Prodsight, we were able to put out meaningful content, increase our Intercom Resolution Bots coverage, and within three months achieve a ticket deflection rate of over 25%!"
Vidya Sagar Garuda
Vidya Sagar Garuda
Director of Customer Education at Zenoti
"With Prodsight we spend less time manually reviewing Customer Success tickets and more time hot fixing everything that makes customers disappointed. Prodsight makes us faster."
Mantas Ratomskis
Mantas Ratomskis
Head of Customer Retention at Hostinger
"Prodsight helps us analyze our Intercom client conversations. It mixes beautiful, usable design with powerful text analytics that allows us to pinpoint key issues collected from our users."
Michal Sadowski
Michal Sadowski
CEO at Brand24
"Prodsight helps inform our product roadmap. We discovered that customers were confused about the plans on our pricing page. After launching our update, Prodsight helped us measure the drop in conversation volume related to pricing, so we knew the update had a positive impact."
Richard Grulich
Richard Grulich
Product Marketing Manager at Storyblocks

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