Automate your Freshdesk ticket tagging

The OLD way

Inconsistent and time-consuming

You need actionable customer insights to scale efficiently but the current system isn't working

Zendesk manual tagging doesn't scale
OPTION 1: Manual Tagging

Manual tagging doesn't scale

As your Freshdesk ticket volume grows, manual tagging quickly breaks down. This leaves you in the dark as to what are the true contact reasons and which customer issues need to be prioritized.

Option 2: Freshdesk Automations

Overly basic automation

You can use Freshdesk Automations to tag conversations but it’s very hard to get the the rules right which leads to incorrectly tagged conversations.


Ticket auto-tagging that you control

Prodsight replaces your broken manual tagging process and gives you deeper customer insights than ever before


Connect your Freshdesk account

Connecting your Freshdesk account to Prodsight is simple and straightforward. Prodsight will instantly start analyzing your historic conversations.


Create the topics that you want to track

Create topics to track customer issues, common requests, feature feedback as well as positive feedback about your product or service.

Build a Prodsight topic taxonomy
topic group breakdown
Screenshot 2021-04-15 155739

Get real-time reporting on customer issues

Reporting is completely automated once you add your topics. Absolutely no manual tagging is required.

Track topics trends, understand what matters the most to your customers and take decisive action.


Centralize all your customer feedback

Prodsight can not only analyze your Freshdesk tickets but also online reviews, NPS, surveys and all other customer feedback in one place. 

Centralize all customer feedback

Works with 100+ languages

All your multi-lingual feedback will be automatically translated for consistent analysis

These companies have already automated their customer insights

"Prodsight increased our understanding of customer pain points through analysis of support data without any manual effort from our busy support team. Our product team can easily see what the main pain points for customers are and we can make recommendations for changes quickly with minimal effort."
Gemma Johnson
Head of Customer Success
"Prodsight automatically analyzes and tags feedback from different channels and centralizes it into one place. This is very helpful for sharing insights with my product team, making improvements, and keeping our finger on the pulse with our customers. It has saved so much time compared to doing it manually."
Daniella Latham
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Prodsight reviews

Top-Grade Security

We take the security and privacy of your data very seriously

Secure Infrastructure

We only use AWS and GCP infrastructure that meets the highest security standards.

GDPR Compliant

Prodsight complies with the EU’s GDPR legislation on storage and deletion of user data.

Access Control

Control which users can manage, view, and edit data within your Prodsight workspace.

Virtual Private Cloud

All of our servers are within our own virtual private cloud (VPC) that prevent unauthorized requests.

It's time to put tagging on auto-pilot