Automated Freshdesk Ticket Analysis

Get deeper insight into your Freshdesk tickets with Prodsight's AI-powered auto-tagging

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Understand Contact Reasons

Identify and track contact reasons and inform your knowledge-base, chatbot answers, agent training and build a more efficient support organization.

Track Customer Issues

Easily uncover and quantify customer issues affecting your customer experience. Give product and engineering teams easy access to rich ticket insights on Prodsight.

Free up your agents' time

You need ticket insights but let's be honest, ticket tagging is the last thing on your agents' priorities. Free them up and let Prodsight automate the tagging.

How does it work?


Tailored Auto-Tagging

Prodsight automatically tags your data based on a custom tagging taxonomy.

Easily create tailored topics and track specific aspects that matter to you and your business.

Discover Topics with AI

Prodsight scans your data daily and surfaces new frequently mentioned topics as Topic Suggestions.

This helps you keep on top of emerging customer issues and resolve them before they escalate.

Sentiment Analysis

Monitor Customer Sentiment

Prodsight analyzes the sentiment of every customer message and turns that into a Net Sentiment Score.

Sentiment analysis allows you to understand which areas drive the most customer friction and improve your customer experience.

Get Historic Insights

Create topics whenever you like and Prodsight will include all the messages, even if they were submitted before you created the topic.

Change or update your topics whenever you want, all the relevant messages will be added automatically.


Go beyond Freshdesk ticket tagging

Import and analyze all your customer feedback with Prodsight
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