Top 10 Customer Feedback Tools for Product Managers

Gathering customer feedback is an essential process for any product manager. It helps you to understand what is – and isn’t – working for your users, enabling you to address any issues which need to be resolved. 

There are a number of ways to gather feedback from your users, but we’ve rounded up our ten favourite tools. Check out our list below (in no particular order) for the ultimate guide to our favourite tools for gathering customer feedback.

1. Typeform


Forms and surveys are a great way of getting feedback from your users, but they can sometimes be off-putting if they’re overly long or boring. That’s where Typeform comes in, with user-friendly, beautifully designed forms that are a joy to fill out. Typeform creates conversational forms, which helps to engage more users, giving you more access to the information you need.

The products are customisable, so you can ensure they’re on-brand, and they’re super versatile, whether you want to create a survey focusing on customer satisfaction, a lead generation form, or even a quiz. 

Pricing: There are three packages available, with prices starting from £28 per month.

2. Validately


User testing is an important process for any product manager to go through, as it helps you to understand why and how people are using your product, and if there are any issues with usability. 

However, it can take time and effort to recruit the right users, which is where Validately can come in useful. It’s a user testing tool that’s designed to manage the logistics of recruiting test participants, as well as providing a testing platform, so that you can spend more time on researching and analysing the results to improve your product based on the feedback.

Pricing: There are three packages, starting from $499 per month.

3. Heap Analytics


Having analytics data is key to understanding how users are interacting with your product, and how you can make improvements. How many new users are coming to your site? Has the number of downloads increased, or decreased? Are you retaining existing users? What actions are users performing on your site? As a product manager, you’ve likely asked these questions many times, but may have had difficulty finding the answers on traditional analytics platforms like Google Analytics.

Heap Analytics is designed specifically for product managers, to help them understand how their product is performing, and what improvements need to be made, focusing on in-product user behaviour.

Pricing: There are three plans available, depending on the type of business: Free, for young businesses and side projects; Growth for small startups; and Enterprise for businesses that rely on customer data. All three plans include a 14-day free trial.

4. Delighted


As a product manager, you’re probably already familiar with the Net Promoter Score (NPS for short). It’s used by all types of businesses worldwide to measure customer loyalty, and can provide valuable insights and feedback from customers, in their own words.

Delighted allows you to create NPS surveys and analyse the feedback in a real-time dashboard, as well as Customer Satisfaction surveys, and Customer Effort Score surveys. As reduced customer effort is a key driver when it comes to retaining loyal users, this is valuable data which you can harness to improve your product. Surveys are available in 37 languages, and in multiple formats: email, web, SMS and a survey link. 

Pricing: Packages vary, with a free option allowing use of one platform and one project. The most popular option costs $224 per month, allowing for 5 projects and up to 10,000 people being surveyed a month.

5. Intercom


Intercom is a customer messaging platform that allows businesses to communicate with existing and prospective customers through their app, on their website, on social media or by email. It can be used for acquiring new customers, engaging existing customers through targeted emails and in-app messages, or to support users with any issues.

It’s useful for product managers as you can track and filter customer data, allowing you to analyse conversation history with tags and understand user behaviour. You can then use this data to create personalised customer communication.

Pricing: Various packages are available, depending on your needs. If you just want to use Intercom for one purpose, i.e. lead generation, customer support or customer engagement, you can do so. Prices for a single service start from $38 per month. If you want an all-in-one messaging solution, Intercom can also offer that, with prices starting from $87 per month.

6. Hotjar


Hotjar is a powerful tool that helps you to understand your users better. Heatmaps help you to visualise user behaviour, and make decisions about product improvements based on users’ clicks, taps and scrolling behaviour. 

User recordings allow you to see how customers actually interact with your site, quickly and easily identifying any usability issues. Hotjar also offers various other functions, making it an all-in-one solution for user analysis:

  • Insights into conversion funnels, so you can see where users are dropping off
  • Form analysis, to identify any issues with forms on your site
  • Feedback polls, helping you understand more about user behaviour
  • Instant visual feedback from users
  • Surveys, allowing you to get to know your users better

Pricing: Pricing for businesses depends on how many pageviews you want to track per day, but plans start from $89 per month for up to 20,000 pageviews each day.

7. AskNicely


AskNicely is another tool that offers NPS software, collating the feedback in an easy-to-use dashboard. It offers simple surveys which can be delivered on your website or app, or via email, enabling you to collect customer feedback on a daily basis. 

The real benefit of AskNicely for you as a product manager, however, is the dashboard which allows you to share insights with the whole team, to get them on board with the importance of customer feedback. It has live reports and real-time leaderboards, so you can see at a glance which areas are driving a positive experience for users, and which are creating detractors of your product.

With AskNicely, your team can respond to customer feedback immediately, either within AskNicely itself or using your CRM. There are three available plans:

  • Customer Feedback
  • Performance and Recognition
  • Custom Solutions

Pricing: Prices vary – contact AskNicely to book a demo and enquire about pricing plans.

8. Retently


Retently offers another tool which measures NPS, promising to help you achieve higher response rates. The features offered include:

  • Multiple survey campaigns directed at different audiences
  • Cross-platform surveys, to reach your users where they’re more likely to respond
  • Advanced template editor to help you personalise surveys
  • Automation using integration with other apps
  • Data segmentation for more targeted surveys
  • Industry benchmarks to better help you understand how you perform against competitors

Pricing: Pricing for Retently starts from $25 for a basic package, or $50 per month for a plan that’s targeted to SaaS, eCommerce and SMBs.

9. Canny


Canny is a tool which helps you to navigate the customer feedback loop, offering a solution for capturing feedback from both users and teammates in one easy-to-navigate place. With Canny, you can also build a product roadmap to keep your customers and team members informed as to what feedback is being actioned, which is a great way to show your commitment to being a customer-driven product. It also allows you to send updates on the roadmap, which makes users feel as though their feedback is being acted on, leading to more loyal customers.

The Changelog also allows you to show your customers that your product is continually evolving, and constantly improving. 

Pricing: Pricing plans vary, and there are discounts on offer for healthcare, not-for-profit, education companies, and also for early-stage businesses. Prices start from $50 per month for the starter plan.

10. Prodsight


You probably already have an existing steam of customer feedback from your support system. You can use Prodsight to automatically analyse every ticket and spot trending issues, so you can make improvements.

With Prodsight, you can say goodbye to manual tagging, as we offer automated conversation insights, allowing you to drill down into conversation sentiment, and conversation topics which are frequently mentioned by your users. You can track topics over time to verify the impact of changes to your product, all in an easy-to-use dashboard. Prodsight integrates with popular customer conversation tools like Intercom and Zendesk, so all your data is available with just a few clicks.

Pricing: Prices for Prodsight scale based on your monthly ticket volume, with plans starting from $50 per month. Why not get in touch with us today to start your 7-day free trial and discover how we can help you analyse your customer conversations.