How to make sense of your COVID-19 support tickets

We’re all making changes in the uncertain times surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19 and it will affect our businesses in different ways. Listening to your customers and proactively being there for them will be crucial, now more than ever.

That’s why we’ve been thinking of ways that companies can better understand and address their customer’s COVID-19 issues and concerns.

Understand the impact on your customers

The first place to start is understanding how the outbreak is affecting your customers, the best way to do this is seeing all the tickets relating to COVID-19 in one place.

  • We’ve created a topic in Prodsight called “COVID-19” which all users can find in their “topic suggestions” tab.
  • The topic has been pre-populated with useful keywords to track the outbreak, but users can easily modify these to better suit their needs.
  • Once you start finding insights in your COVID-19 topic, you can quickly create sub-topics to track common questions which are driving the conversation volume. For example, home rental platforms can create sub-topics like “cancel”, “isolation” or “extend” to see which of these are responsible for the majority of their COVID-19 related tickets.

Track growing issues

Support volumes are going to increase dramatically, period. Knowing which topics and issues have proportionately increased the most, can help you spot the biggest new issues that you may not be as prepared to deal with.

  • Just click the ‘%’ symbol on the trend graph in your topic to see the mention trend displayed as a percentage of your overall mentions.

Track cancellations

The outbreak will undoubtedly force a lot of people to postpone trips and cancel subscriptions. Tracking cancellations related to the outbreak can help you quantify how many deals or customers you have lost due to the virus and how many are lost due to other causes. This can help your business forecast more accurately and prioritise marketing spend.

  • To track cancellations related to COVID-19, simply create a sub-topic in your COVID-19 topic.

Save agent time with automated tagging

With a rising ticket volume, your agents will be busier than ever. The last thing you want them to be focusing on is tagging tickets correctly. However, you don’t want to lose the crucial insights you can only get if tickets are tagged correctly.

  • By using a customer feedback analytics platform like Prodsight, you can remove the burden of tagging tickets in your support platform, as all of your tickets will be automatically indexed and tagged as soon as they are synced with your customer feedback analytics platform

Our response

Prodsight would like to step up and do our bit to help companies make sense of this new wave of support tickets. We have extended our free trial to 30 days instead of just 7, to allow companies more time to explore their customer support data. Click here if you’d like to try the platform with your own data or click here to schedule a friendly chat with our team.

Be safe,

Prodsight Team