Human-like automated feedback tagging with User Intent

We’re delighted to announce that our new AI-powered User Intent Detection feature is now out of beta. We’d like to thank all the customers who participated in the beta program and provided valuable feedback 🙏.

Make your Topics intelligent with User Intent

Intent Topic Framed

Enhance your keyword-based Topics and Subtopics with User Intent to get human-like accuracy without actually doing any manual tagging.

Here is how you can use User Intent in practice 👇 

Let’s say you want to understand how many users experienced issues with your “Offline Mode” feature. 

You can start by tracking keywords such as “offline” or “offline mode” but you will notice that some users mention the feature in different contexts and not always because they had problems with it. User Intent allows you to narrow the context of your topic in seconds.

In this case, all you need to do is pick the Product Issues intent from the list and your matches will narrow down to mentions of “Offline Mode” only in the context of it being an issue. This makes your topic much more specific and saves you time gathering the data you need.

Discover issues faster with new Topic Suggestions

User Intent now also powers smarter Topic Suggestions. By analyzing the correlations between commonly used phrases by your customers and the User Intent, we can generate insightful topic ideas to make sure there are no blind spots in your customer understanding.

Train User Intent to work in your context

training 2

Our User Intent model has been designed to work accurately across different industries and domains out of the box. However, if you want to push the accuracy even further you can use our new User Intent Training tool to review and correct our predictions so the model learns exactly how you like your data to be tagged.

See User Intent in action

Book a quick demo to learn how Prodsight can extract valuable customer insights from your omnichannel customer feedback and see our new User Intent feature in action.