Learn how Prodsight helps leading brands get closer to customers
The key to deflecting support tickets via bots is putting out relevant answers to customer questions. Prodsight makes it a breeze to sift through a number of Intercom conversations and zero in on topics and how-to questions that matter.

With Prodsight, we were able to put out meaningful content, increase our Intercom Resolution Bots coverage, and within three months achieve a ticket deflection rate of over 25%!
One of the values at Hostinger which we follow blindly is Customer obsession. It requires constant monitoring of negative sentiment and fast reaction to customer issues.

With Prodsight we spend less time manually reviewing Customer Success tickets and more time hot fixing everything that makes customers disappointed. Prodsight makes us faster.
Mantas Ratomskis
Head of Retention
Prodsight helps inform our product roadmap. We discovered that customers were confused about the plans on our pricing page. We used Prodsight to identify points of confusion, which informed our redesign.

After launching our update, Prodsight helped us measure the drop in conversation volume related to pricing, so we knew the update had a positive impact.
Richard Grulich
Product Marketing Manager
Prodsight gives us unlimited power. It’s like having a person that knows everything about our customers that we can communicate with whenever we want. Without it, we would struggle to fully understand our customers.

We rely on a few sources to prioritise what to build next, Prodsight ensures that the Voice of the Customer is a crucial part of this process.

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