Zendesk Prodsight Integration

Topic and sentiment analytics for Zendesk

Following on from our successful Intercom integration, we have now brought the power of Prodsight to Zendesk. This means that Prodsight can now extract, analyse and generate meaningful insights from your Zendesk tickets on your customer experience issues. Prodsight is a topic and sentiment analysis tool that allows customer success, support and product managers to:…
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Idea portals are not the solution to customer-centric product roadmaps

Any good Product Manager will tell you that a big part of their job is forming a deep understanding of customer needs, but the current crop of user idea suggestion portals might not be the best tool for the job. What are idea portals and how they work? UserVoice popularised the concept in 2008, but now…
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How to properly tag Intercom conversations

How to properly tag Intercom Conversations

If you use Intercom, you might have seen a little tag label next to each message when you hover over it. If you ever clicked on it, you will know that it’s a feature that lets you tag conversations. In this post, I will give you three reasons why you should use it and how to…
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How Eventree Uses Intercom Conversations to Improve Their Product

At Prodsight we are obsessed with building solutions that help companies make better product decisions. I chatted to Eventree’s Technical Director Phil Hayes to learn about how they are using Prodsight to continuously improve their product based on insights from Intercom conversations. This is their story. Eventree is the simplest way to manage people working and…
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Understand user needs by analysing Intercom feedback

To be successful any product or service must be useful and meet user needs. The abundance of software means that consumers have lots to choose from. To win, you must create something that meets user needs with higher precision than your competitors. A big part of that is the execution of the idea but the…
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