Panel on The New Norms for Customer Experience

On 16 July, our Founder and CEO Tadas Labudis will be joining Freshworks in a panel discussion on The New Norms for Customer Experience with CX experts from Stella Connect, Vonage and Konnect Insights.

CX in post-COVID world

For most businesses, emerging from the coronavirus pandemic and resuming business, as usual, will be a tall order. Their customer service teams especially would have to grapple with the changing consumer behaviors and purchasing habits, among other issues.

Customer service teams that quickly adapt to these changing norms will find it easy to earn and build customer loyalty. Plus, training your agents to listen to customer concerns rather than just troubleshooting their issues will prove that you are a company that takes customer experience and satisfaction seriously. In essence, having a sound customer experience strategy in place will reduce customer churn and help any business flourish in a post-COVID world. 

The panel will be talking about how Customer Support teams can address the changing customer behaviours in a post-COVID world and share examples of how businesses have rethought their customer experience strategy for the social distancing era.

The Panel

  • Pranay Desai – Head of Segment Marketing, Freshworks
  • Sheri Atienza – Global Director of Product Marketing, Vonage
  • Sameer Narkar – Founder, Konnect Insights
  • Chris Vodola – Director of Client Success, Stella Connect
  • Tadas Labudis – Founder and CEO, Prodsight

Join us on Thursday, 16 July at 11 AM CET or 11 AM PT. Attendance is free but seats are limited so make sure to secure yours now.