Automated tagging for all your customer feedback

Prodsight automatically analyzes the sentiment of your every customer interaction so you can easily gauge how users feel about your product or service

Automated Customer Feedback Tagging

AI Topic Discovery​

Prodsight automatically scans your conversations and surfaces the most important topics that you should be tracking.

Our AI suggests topics such as pricing complaints, technical issues and cancellations

Retrospective Tagging

Create topics whenever you like and Prodsight will include all the messages, even if they were submitted before you created the topic.

Change or update your topics whenever you want, all the relevant messages will be added automatically.

Custom Topics

Create your own custom topics to track specific elements or features of your platform.

Use sub-topics to drill-down into topics to identify underlying issues.


Get sentiment scores for every piece of customer feedback
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Still tagging messages?

Tired of tagging messages and creating reports that go out of date as soon as you publish them?

Get real-time insight into your customer issues without any tagging with Prodsight.

Prodsight gives us unlimited power. It’s like having a person that knows everything about our customers that we can communicate with whenever we want. Without it, we’d struggle to fully understand our customers.

Michał Gaździk

Product Owner, Brand24