Automatically tag all your customer feedback

Leave manual tagging in the past. Get insights quicker with Prodsight's AI-powered feedback analytics.


Let our AI do the tagging

Automatically sort your feedback into product, service, billing and other issues with Prodsight AI.

Free up your valuable time for high leverage activities and create more impact.


Train your own AI intents

You are not limited to our pre-trained Common Intents.

Easily train your own Custom Intents to track any customer issue or request specific to your business.

Text Search

Find any feedback with our blazing fast text search

Create topics to track customer issues, common requests, feature feedback as well as positive feedback about your product or service.

Works with 100+ languages

All your multi-lingual feedback will be automatically translated for consistent analysis

"Prodsight saves me the analysis time and gives me a place to refer back to when I need to tell a story internally."
Jeffrey Laird
VP Customer Care

It's time to put tagging on auto-pilot