Customer Feedback Intelligence

Deeply understand customer feedback across all channels - from support tickets to reviews

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Centralized Feedback

Combine your support tickets, reviews, surveys, NPS and other customer feedback into a single repository

Topic and Sentiment Analysis

Get each piece of feedback automatically analyzed for topics and sentiment based on your custom taxonomy

Real-Time Dashboard

Get real-time insights around customer issues and requests and drive measurable improvements to your CX

How teams use Prodsight

Leading brands use Prodsight to build better customer experiences, from product to support

"Prodsight automatically analyzes and tags feedback from different channels and centralizes it into one place. This is very helpful for sharing insights with my product team, making improvements, and keeping our finger on the pulse with our customers. It has saved so much time compared to doing it manually."
Daniella Latham
Daniella Latham
Senior Product Marketing Manager
"Prodsight increased our understanding of customer pain points through analysis of support data without any manual effort from our busy support team. Our product team can easily see what the main pain points for customers are and we can make recommendations for changes quickly with minimal effort."
Gemma Johnson
Gemma Johnson
"We're really enjoying Prodsight and it's been a huge help to our monthly reporting. As a customer-first business, it enables us to analyse data on a top and granular level, and create really strong feedback loops between teams."
Lucia Fontaina-Powell
Lucia Fontaina-Powell
"With Prodsight, we were able to put out meaningful content, increase our Intercom Resolution Bots coverage, and within three months achieve a ticket deflection rate of over 25%!"
Vidya Sagar Garuda
Vidya Sagar Garuda
"Prodsight helps us analyze our Intercom client conversations. It mixes beautiful, usable design with powerful text analytics that allows us to pinpoint key issues collected from our users."
Michal Sadowski
Michal Sadowski
"Prodsight helps inform our product roadmap. We discovered that customers were confused about the plans on our pricing page. After launching our update, Prodsight helped us measure the drop in conversation volume related to pricing, so we knew the update had a positive impact."
Richard Grulich
Richard Grulich

How does it work?

Centralize Customer Feedback

Bring all your feedback to one easily accessible place from all your favourite tools.

Analyze your support tickets, reviews, surveys and other customer feedback automatically.

Discover Topics with AI

Prodsight automatically scans your conversations and surfaces the most important topics that you should be tracking.

Our AI suggests topics such as pricing complaints, technical issues and cancellations


Track any Topic

Create your own custom topics to track specific elements or features of your platform.

Use sub-topics to drill-down into topics to identify underlying issues.

Get Historic Insights

Create topics whenever you like and Prodsight will include all the messages, even if they were submitted before you created the topic.

Change or update your topics whenever you want, all the relevant messages will be added automatically.

Sentiment Analysis

Gauge Customer Sentiment

Sentiment analysis allows you to understand how your users feel about certain tags or product features, rather than solely relying on conversation volumes to prioritise issues.

See the sentiment for every single support message you’ve received.

Works with 100+ languages

Analyze your customer feedback whatever language it comes in.

Prodsight can automatically detect and translate feedback to English from over 100 languages with high accuracy.

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