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Centralize all your customer feedback

Prodsight can automatically analyze support tickets from popular platforms like Zendesk, Intercom and Freshdesk and combine it with your other customer feedback.

Easily analyze your online reviews from 85 popular platforms like Trustpilot, Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Capterra and many more.

Prodsight can import feedback from hundreds of survey, NPS and form tools via Zapier and Google Sheets.


Discover emerging customer issues and requests

Prodsight automatically scans all your customer feedback and surfaces the most important topics that you should be tracking.

Our AI can surface various product issues, common requests as well popular keywords and phrases so you never miss an emerging trend.


Turn hunches into hard data

Track the performance of each customer topic and understand what matters most to your customers.

Visualize customer insights with our interactive real-time graphs and charts.

Automatically analyze the sentiment of every customer message and track how your customers feel about particular topics as well as overall.

Organize your customer feedback with a flexible three-tier taxonomy. 

Breakdown any topic into Subtopics to get specific insights and get a birds-eye-view with Topic Groups.

Topic Tracking

Instantly find relevant feedback

Prodsight can automatically detect and distinguish between customer issues, compliments, churn and other types of user intent. This helps find the relevant feedback without manual tagging.

Whether you’re tracking feedback about particular products, features, names or locations – you can find the relevant mentions with Prodsight instantly.

Prodsight can comb through hundreds of thousands of support tickets, reviews and surveys to find the relevant feedback in seconds.


Works with 100+ languages

Prodsight can automatically detect and translate feedback to English from over 100 languages with high accuracy.

Analyze your customer feedback whatever language it comes in.

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